What Will Remain?

by Wank For Peace

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Produced, recorded and mixed by Amaury Sauvé @ Coreprod Sudio, Laval, March and April 2011
Mastered by Dan Coutant, @ Sun Room Audio, NY, May 2011
Artwork by Richard "Horsebites" Minino @ Black Axe

The screenprinted LP here:



released September 10, 2011




Wank For Peace Angers, France

Melodic Punk Hardcore from Angers, France.
RIP 2008-2016

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Track Name: Hour Or Glass?
I'd like to go back to the time when the hour glass was almost empty. Nothing to care about, no plans, no choices. I miss getting bored, I miss the search to fill the hourglass. There is not enough room for the tiniest grain of...

Sand is key. What is the best ? An empty life, overfload mind. Overfload life and empty mind. Is there a good way to narrow down the possibilities, to cut the crap and half my needs, not to feel like I miss something.

Choices are the breaks of my ideals. By running my life out I'll end up smashing my nose against the invisible wall of time. Seize the day, avoid the trunk but take care not to pass by everything. Don't miss the half by waiting the whole

The sand will soon break the glass (my time). Time will came to make a choice (my time is up)
Track Name: We Are Nothing
Some say that it's a great thing, that we deserve a medal, but how could that be anything ?

How could that be that big of a deal ? There's nothing you can't do. We're trying to follow ideals
We are nothing more than you ! So many did it before us, so many are doing a lot more. We're just following a paved way. We are nothing more than you.

Doing all that we can to fulfil this selfish quest, is there anything in this that deserve any reward ?

We are nothing more, and we'll never be, than a bunch of fun addicted whores.

As unsecure as we've always been, we're fighting our way out. Step by step getting away from home. We are nothing more than you. It only takes a few things, sometimes, some passion, some selfishness...There is nothing you can't do !

We're just using the little we have, what we can do, to get something out of our lives.
Track Name: Risk The Branch/ Avoid The Trunk
I don't get it, how is this that you can't step out of the safe way ? Can't you really imagine another climb than the reassuring trunk ? Risk the thin branches and if they ever break, then start again on a different one.

Risk the branch, avoid the trunk. It may seem hard. But I don't want to see the top from the ground

We're all a bunch of natural risk avoiders. But it's worth trading our safety for better years.

It should be a complex network of branches, one leading to another. Falling should mean discovering a new to get to the top. You'll be able to set the on higher floor than you would, through the coward's way.
Track Name: Erection by Definition
I can blame myself but I feel better these days and I'm just keeping on this game. I can blame myself but I feel better these days and I'm just keeping on this way.

If I try, I'll know better than if I cry. Choices from experience, not common sense. I just need my mistakes, rather use than avoid, but the wrong way is not always a dead end.

Again I fail, but everything's OK, I'm climbing through the rise of my mistakes.
Track Name: Angers Dodgeball Crew!
Where's fun, where are Friends ? Is there still something to get ?

I couldn't care less about success. This is the avatar of what's disgusting in this world.

More fun, more friends, there's enough competition. Everywhere's the same, I'm sick and tired. Angers Dodgeball is the real game

It failed to bring anything but shame.
Track Name: Free Hugs
Kissing mother earth, embracing fashion, this hipocrisy. Acting as a loving person blinded by his own fairytales, and shit builded principles. Do you really love scumbags as much as you love squirells?

I would never waste my life upon that. Hypocrisy is such a shame, what a tasteless scenario.

Do you really know the nameless crowd you pretend to love? Maybe you do but I don't get it.
How can I be so different, so cold hearted and selective? I really don't want to try when there's no hope.
Track Name: The More We Drink, The Worse We Sound
The more we drink, the worse we sound. We'll never enjoy this battle for the smashest male.

We're not that kind of lads. We're not the kind who spread their prides. About how sick they were, about how fucked up we made her.

This isn't competion, far less than a solution. We'll never claim how good we are, because everytime we'll end up loosers.
Track Name: Are My Battles a Shiny Painting To Hide The Wall?
Is there a place where I can truly escape this way to live ?

A way to live that I don't want to be mine. I'm sick and tired of Having to feed my ideals with half hidden compromise. But are my battles a shiny painting to hide the wall ?

The questionning shadow of a doubt is flying over me. What if hypocrisy had taken its toll upon me ? Am I willing to take an oath to give up everything. What if society wasn't my only enemy ?

The two sides of a broken coin, a system that I hate, provides me with sea sex and fun and my sense of dissent. Can I step out of this street to avoid a dead end. But are my battles a shiny painting to hide the wall ?
Track Name: Everything Does Not Suck
Everything does not suck, take the good and screw the rest.

It seems like the right thing to do, complain, cry, shout, the pessimistic point of view. Is that some kind of bankable trend or a sad reality I can't get ?

Am I naive, Am I blind ? Or strong enough to pick up the few things that hold this shit together ?

And who the fuck am I kidding ? I'd love to join the club, just complain about the gloom, the shit that surrounds us. But how could I ? I'm actually enjoying the time I got , even if there is shit, times are dark, and darker will be !
Track Name: Sorry Real World, I'm Over
Even if I try, I can't help myself, I'm pushing away those who don't know what it feels like to be back in this same old grey world.

Can you feel the importance, of the time we give away ? I'll never fit down there anymore

No hard feelings, I just don't know how to share the shit, to find the words. It may seem so insignifiant that I can't let it out.

How can you get that this is more than loads of binge stories ? Not just about how my band is getting big. May be ain't you so blind, may be am I being an ass. Do I change a sausage fest into a
bunch of life ideals ? May be the whole human factor thing is an nescessary excuse to escape reality.
Track Name: Building a Life On a Crumbling Stage
We give up our friends our ears our voices our time to feel alive, to kill the apathy we'll do whatever we can.

Losing grip on reality, no matter what we'll never let go. Trying to live the utopy, maybe that makes us hippies but never let go. Living the smelly dream, walking the gutter of this fucking dead end road .Entering a path, never looking back and missing a few acts.

We'd never planned a shit of this. We just follow a need, follow a will, leave everything behind. Close your eyes and run, take what come first, enjoy the moment and postpone the thinking. Try to fix what we have destroyed.
Track Name: Thugs and Pedophiles
I can't figure out why you're so attached, so bound to the icons of you fucking town, why you can't escape the cliches of where we both came from. I don't want to be determined by a place, a brand of cheese or a soccer team. I'm not the rapist, I don't even like the band.

No pride, no shame, we just don't give a damn. Stick your city up your ass, mine's already just a place...

...to pass and never take care of the past glories, of the TV scandals, of the pedigree, of your local unkown stars. And a city's what you want it to be, shape it as your own, don't let a disgusting feeling of belonging turn you into an add.

It's not a fucking state of mind, it's just a few letters written on a map. No pride, no fucking shame.
Track Name: And Now For Something Completely Pessimistic
Today I'm building this life on this loosing ground. Today I'm claiming how cool and simple existence is. Today this may be the only safety rope that prevents my falling down Falling into the apathy, this shit that makes me wanna hate the whole world.

Will ink and bounds keep my life from falling apart.

But tomorow anything can put an end to all this. But tomorow how do I know that we'll all be in touch. But tomorow it may be over, how can I know my hippie ideal we still stand, aren't they bound to a bright future

What will remain?