Split with Prevenge

by Wank For Peace

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Born among flowers, we live in the dirt, we chase the good, try to live for the better. Walking away from what was planned at first, the edge of understanding is getting closer. You may have felt what we believe in, but now fun's long gone only remains the smell, the loss, the waiting, the uncertainty. "But where are you fucking gone?" I know you get it, I know you support it, but I still fear that the planned collapse of it all is the only thing that keeps disappointment gone.
We are a way, we are a feeling. We are a change of things through the leaving. We might not get that far, we might not change the world, but acting different, thinking different, it might be a part of it. We're not wearing any Che sweaters, we're not making any propaganda whatsoever and I'd almost say that we don't care. We choose a way, we'll never make a living We choose a life. It's what I believe in now. Sharing with everyone that there really is another way might make a bigger change than your endless fights between left and right. Read different my friend. Watch different my friend. Buy different my friend. Eat different my friend. Learn different my friend. Act different my friend. Live different my friend. Think.
Bright days are gone forever, torn apart in small pieces of hope. I burnt my optimism, I'll forget my will. And fear it's never coming back. I do wanna live more, but leave more means losing more of my grip, on reality. Bright days are gone, gone forever, and I burnt the bridges, I'll forget my will. and I fear it's never coming back.


This is a split 7" with Prevenge released in Europe and North America by Guerilla Asso, Canisay? Records, Pavones Records, Rad Girlfriend Records, Housebreaker Records and Local Orange.


released February 23, 2013

Record in January 2012 by Fripon Latruite @ Studio Chipolata Framboise, Treillières.




Wank For Peace Angers, France

Melodic Punk Hardcore from Angers, France.
RIP 2008-2016

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